Mini-swimming pool for a massive bathroom


Mini-swimming pool for a huge bathroom

Who among us does not dream of having a real swimming pool in our home? And although most of the readers of this article can only afford to dream, then we can dream with you. And what could be better than a huge bathroom? Especially if its length is more than four metres, and width over two metres.

30s2Mini-swimming pool for a huge bathroom


Mini-swimming pool for a huge bathroom
This is really, a genuine swimming pool. Of course, not every apartment (even in Moscow) has a bathroom that can accommodate such a pool. But Italian designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have created this project, and apparently not just for Russia, but for KOS company. It is interesting that this pool project was first presented at the ISH-2009 show, held in Frankfurt. I’m sure it received excellent reviews, although, again, only a handful of householders can install such a bath. We should also note one more thing – if its width and length makes our jaws drop, we need to also realise that the pool depth is as much as one metre, which means that it is definitely not for very young children. At least I would not dare letting tiny ones have a swim on their own in such a pool.

Mini-swimming pool for a huge bathroom


Mini-swimming pool for a massive bathroom

30s6Amongst its benefits is its lighting system, which helps to create an unrivalled romantic atmosphere in the bathroom. And it highlights not only the bath, but also the steps used to descend into it. By the way, it should be noted that such a pool, like any other, can very easily overflow, so that the water level should be closely monitored.

This is a strange situation: while some designers are thinking hard about how to save water, others are creating such projects, with resource savings hardly first and foremost.

Mini-swimming pool for a huge bathroom



A tap that creates a drinking fountain


Despite the fact that drinking  from the tap is not generally recommended, many do not pay any attention to that. Of course if the house has a water filter, the question is somewhat different, but the essence of this article doesn’t really change – is comfortable to drink from a tap? Exactly – it’s not! It needs the tap to be controlled in the right way, that’s when it will becomes quite acceptable.


That same view is shared by the designers at the Köhler Design company, well-known for their bathroom projects. This time, they proposed a concept for a  tap, which I think, should please everybody. Apart from the fact that the tap itself is made to be stylish and elegant, it also can be twisted up and down. If you want to rinse your mouth, drink from the tap, or just make a small fountain, the tap, as you might guess, needs to be turned upwards – and also be able to pour water in an upward direction. If you just need to wash your hands or wash something manually, it needs to have the jet lowered below the tap to prevent water splashing all over the whole bathroom. And of course, while you are adjusting the water, it is at this time pouring, so it’s clearly much better not to be turning the tap up and down. In addition, when the tap is turned to the bottom, the water should stop flowing. On the side is a small lever, with which you can adjust the temperature and water flow- one setting is not enough as  you also need to regulate the water to be warmer or cooler.

Let the designers create a concept that seems quite like a tap for a convenient life. Its sharpness and angularity is a bit depressing is, but it simply reflects contemporary design, and is not an attempt to intimidate!

 Flat washbasin


The sink in the kitchen and in the bathroom each has to perform different tasks. If the kitchen sink has to be deep – to accommodate a stack of dirty dishes, a bunch of vegetables or, say, a watermelon, which is never a bad idea to be washed – then you can experiment with the sink in the bathroom,.
Sanindusa washbasin
It does not require a bathroom sink to be deep for washing hands, general washing, shaving and other jobs you would use it for. If you make it totally flat, functionality is not affected, and the appearance of the bathroom can suddenly change dramatically.

This sink from Sanindusa looks very simple and tidy: a bare minimum of colours and textures, and the most simple geometric shapes. And it is not like the sinks we are accustomed to seeing. It attracts.

Both a shower and a garden


Both a shower and a garden
Have you ever dreamed of living in an apartment but still having your own garden? Now your dreams can come true! Today everyone can have for themselves their own mini-garden, with the shower in their bathroom.

The value of water in each country of the world is different. In Africa, the Arabic nations and Australia, for example, every drop counts. In Europe and the United States of America we generally have water in abundance. But experts say it’s all temporary. Sooner or later, future generations will have to face the problem of a lack of clean water. And to solve this problem it is necessary to think right now, before it is too late to change anything.
A Japanese designer Jun Yasumoto offers his own version of such a solution. He has created the concept of a shower, coupled with a small green garden, which is irrigated by already used water. And this water not only nourishes the plants, but is purified by them at the same time.

Of course, the system is not new. By the same principle, water is purified in nature. Yasumoto just borrowed the idea, adapting it to the down-to-earth realities of our home.

This unique bathroom allows you to take a shower in the middle of nature, surrounded by vines, water hyacinths and reeds that grow next to each other. These same plants perform a filtering function, absorbing large particles and heavy metals from the waste water. The fine particles are absorbed by a carbon filter, which is built-in to the same shower-garden system. The result is fresh water. It is of course, not really suitable for drinking, but can be used for some secondary purposes, such as washing dishes or watering flowers.
The result is significant water conservation, and own mini-garden in the shower, giving the feeling of bathing with nature.

Bathphone – the telephone specially for your bathroom

The world is full of people, perhaps seemingly with females in the majority, who love to talk on the phone in the bathroom. But that’s clearly dangerous for the phone itself. Therefore, leading designer Ungnoh Yoon has created the concept of a waterproof bathroom phone.

It’s difficult to imagine modern life without phones. And if before, phones were attached by a cord to the premises or specific rooms, the advent of mobile phones means that your phone need never leave your side at all. Whether you’re in the car, on the train, in the woods, in a desert or, gosh, even in the bath.

Bathphone – the telephone specially for your bathroom
We need to think about the bath more carefully. Many people, especially women, like to talk on the phone when in the bath. This can be absolutely fabulous – rabbiting with a girlfriend or friend, basking in warm water with bubble bath foam. OK, so so it can be good for you, but bad for your phone. After all, how many phones over the years have accidentally been dropped into the water! There might not be a lot of statistics in this regard, but, certainly, the number of phones destroyed in a bath must be in the millions worldwide.

To solve this problem the designer Ungnoh Yoon created the concept of a phone specifically for the bathroom. Or rather, not so much a phone itself, as a special device that with Bluetooth can connect to a mobile phone located outside the bathroom. Of course, this device is waterproof. Despite the presence of a multiplicity of buttons, memory card slot, speaker and microphone, water cannot get into this phone and, consequently cannot damage it. Even better, it has a special air cushion, which, even in the case of telephone contact with the water, allows it to keep afloat, and not rapidly sink into the water.

Of course, this handset may not look so exciting. Outwardly, it even looks more like a round bar of soap. But this is a phone for the bathroom! And what it does is a lot more important than what it looks like.